The Magic Box

The Magic Box has been Foxy-Wolff’s primary project for three years. It is an ambitious project in which we have attempted to create a world of ceramic miniatures that could speak and relate to contemporary culture while remaining obvious fantasy.

Growing from our love of toys, especially the elaborate play sets of the 1980’s, Gabe and I are “playing out” our vision of the world through the characters we’ve created and grown through this project. Beginning as an exploration of sexuality and gender roles with the first part of the video (which also goes by the name The Magic Box) and evolving to ask questions of the origins of religious belief and selflessness in relationships in The Black Church, this project encompasses many of our interests both as artists and in our personal lives.

Rather than being firm in a statement or purpose for ourselves within the work, our preference is for the viewer to easily take themselves into the project and build what houses of meaning they find. That has become our highest aspiration for the work, that it facilitate an engagement with the viewer that involves their own lives and passions, that allows each viewer to play with the ideas for themselves.

Because the project has taken so long to complete the viewer will see an evolution of not only the ideas we present but the filming style, the musical composition and script writing.  Things that were so very important may have ceased to do so by the completion of the project and techniques we hadn’t tried may have become central to the project by the end. In all the piece does exactly what any collaborative work should do, it has become larger that Gabe or I and more than the two of us combined.

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